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So true. on We Heart It.
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“I gripped your hand in mine

As the world around us buzzed

With people and air and words rushing by

While planes landed and took flight beside us.

All I saw though was your face

And the way you tapped your foot

Anxiously against the floor.
I couldn’t bring myself to choke out the goodbye

I’d been carefully rehearsing in my head

Once I saw the corners of your lips twitching downward

And your eyes becoming heavy with reality.

I tried to memorize every small detail

From the patches of red in your dark hair

To the pattern of freckles scattered across your face.

I didn’t think I’d ever be able to remember enough

As they called out your flight

And I crumpled into your arms

Doing my best to embed the warmth of your touch

Into my cold skin.
 It’s been hours since I walked back to the car,

And my hand still feels empty

Without the feeling of yours intertwined.”
Airports // -STG (inksplatteredpages)

this poem I found describes exactly how I felt saying goodbye at the airport last week 😭
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'We do it because we don't want to spend forever with anyone else.'
"I am listening to the rain
Wishing it was your voice
Staring into the dark
And not into your eyes"
Late night thoughts (via definitionofcontradiction)
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"I miss you, and it’s killing me."
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When someone says “You can’t love someone who lives so far away…”

Fucking watch me :)

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